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Welcome To Social Biz Connect

Starting your own ONLINE business has never been EASIER...!
Are You looking for an Extra $1,000 - $5,000 Monthly Income Working Online from the comfort of your Home or Office?
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The INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA are the FASTEST Growing TECHNOLOGICAL Innovations and they are Creating the LARGEST TRENDS in the World Today.

The Global Social Media & Online Advertising Industry Generates BILLIONS of DOLLARS Annually.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn etc make Billions of Dollars annually SELLING Online Advertising, Marketing Solutions, Information and other Services and they KEEP ALL the Money YET it is You and I and our Social Friends that Create the Active Traffic that these Companies PROFIT from.

In Short Its You and I and our Social Friends that KEEP THEM IN BUSINESS.

What if these Companies Shared with You some Commissions or Annual Bonuses for the Traffic of Customers we Build for them? You would certainly be RICH if NOT WEALTHY.
SBC IS THE GAME CHANGER! AT SBC WE HAVE A BETTER WAY...! We will Show You how to Start Profiting from Your Social Network Activities starting NOW.
SocialBizConnect (SBC) is the Worlds' First "E-Commerce Social Network" that Pays its Members.
We allow You to Monetize Your Social Media Traffic and we Pay you 100% Commissions on ALL the "SALES GENERATED" by your SBC Social Network. Lets Show You How to Build Your OWN ONLINE ECONOMY.

SBC Premium Products and Services

The INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA are the FASTEST Growing TECHNOLOGY phenomenon today.

Everyone building or promoting a business on the internet will need essential Online Marketing Tools, Online Advertising, Information and Skills.
By Becoming a Reseller with SBC People needing these Services will pay you to use them.

Whether you are Looking to Start your own ONLINE business or to Promote and Grow an OFFLINE Business, SBC is ALL you need! We Offer Cutting Edge Online Marketing Tools and a FULLY AUTOMATED "SET & FORGET" Prospecting, Customer Management & Follow Up System that works for you 24/7 to Drive Huge Traffic of Eager Prospects & Ready to Buy Customers to Your Business.

SBC Online Marketing System comprises of:-
1) Ready Made & Editable Attention Grabbing Lead Capture Pages
2) Capture Pages Fully Integrated with Autoresponder Emails
3) "Set & Forget" Editable Follow Up Autoresponder Email System
4) Unlimited List Builder & Contact Manager to Grow ANY Business
5) Single Touch - Follow Up and Broadcast Manager

SBC Lead Capture Pages

The SBC Online Marketing Tools Include a complete library of Attention Grabbing, Ready Made Lead Capture Pages.
If you are terrible at web design, if you hate all the “techie” stuff, then worry no more. This system will capture important data, such as the name and email of your prospects.
The Prospect data is privately saved to your account and tied together with your auto responder system that is also included in SBC Online Marketing Tools.
Whether you choose to write your own email series, or choose a prewritten email series from our library, your prospects will easily convert into sales for you.

You can use specific Lead Capture Pages to promote your SBC business, or use the blank LCP templates to create a Lead Capture Page as you wish.

SBC Auto Responders

Marketing Research Shows that it takes about 7-13 follow Ups to convert the average prospect to buy your service or product.
The Bigger Your List of Prospects (Contact List) and the More follow ups you do the More Sales and Money you make and the more return customers you will have.

Thats why Marketing Experts say that "The Money is in the List of Prospects/Subscribers you build".

Regular communication with your list will build the know, like, and trust with your prospects.
SBC Autoresponder System helps you to create a brand for yourself and a massive following by keeping your list of prospects or customers engaged using the automated Autoresponder email system that can send emails to your Lists daily, weekly, and monthly depending on how you want to set it.
Create unlimited mailing campaigns and set up complete email follow up series to put your business on autopilot. Send an email to one prospect, or send a BROADCAST to all!
Send your email immediately or simply pick the day and time to send at a later date. SBC Autoresponder system also tracks your email open rates, telling you how many people actually opened up your email.
1) "Set & Forget" Editable Follow Up Autoresponder Email System
2) Unlimited List Builder & Contact Manager to Grow ANY Business
3) Single Touch - Follow Up and Broadcast Manager

Most Lead Capture Pages Companies will charge you $25-$40 Monthly for Capture pages WITHOUT the Email Autoresponder System which you have to Purchase elsewhere and integrate with the Lead Capture Pages.
See Example Below.

Most Email Autoresponder companies charge between $25-$40 Monthly for a list of 2,500 Subscibers.

See Examples Below

At SBC we give you the 2 Services (Lead Capture Pages & Email Autoresponder System all Integrated into one Powerful Online Marketing System) at a Tiny $35 Monthly and we PAY 71% Commissions Back to our Affiliate Resellers

SBC Downloadable Ebooks

Inside this amazing site you'll find hundreds of Downloadable Ebooks with expert ways to put your web site on auto pilot, learn online and offline marketing, business topics etc.
This is just a quick look at the fantastic information and incredible secrets contained inside "SBC Ebooks Library”

SBC Training Academy

To Compliment the SBC Online Marketing Tools is a Powerful Business Training Platform to help you grow your Online Business.

Learn how to use the SBC Online Marketing and how to set up your Lead Capture Pages and Autoresponder System with powerful emails that pull prospects and easily converts them into buying customers.

SBC Elearning


The Subject of "MONEY", "BUSINESS SUCCESS" and "HOW TO GET RICH" is Never taught In School.

At SBC we have Developed a Very Powerful Online Business Training Academy to make you a better Person and to help you Excell in any Business.

1) Lots of Ebooks on Different Subjects & Categories
2) Over 140 Computer Training Videos
3) A Powerful collection of Business Mentoring Videos
4) A Powerful collection of Personal Development Videos and Ebooks

SBC Payment Processor