Where to operate from is ones choice. You can choose to operate from our offices or work from your preferable place so long as you have internet access.
This is because international domains (.com) are expensive than local domains (.co.ke)
We have great plans to take SBC to people's door steps through opening Major offices in County level and branches in constituency level. This will be achieved in the next few years to come.
SBC VISION - Is to become the leading Web Hosting & Online Marketing Company in East Africa and beyond. SBC MISSION - We seek to empower people to grow their businesses and help our agents make money online.
Once the account is not renewed, it will change to be a free account, hence one cannot earn.
Its not a must for someone to attend the training. One can arrange with his/her inviter to be trained online.
Earning is performance based, just like any other business commitment and focus is needed.
SBC was founded by one Kimathi Kamundeh, who is the CEO. Before then, he was leading in similar industry for 11 years.
We follow up our members who are outside Kenya through their uplines. Also in our website we have a place where a ticket can be sent in case someone has a question or need to ask for a certain help.
The invited guests pay for training fee because SBC needs only the serious people. Otherwise if we do it for free so many idlers will come and therefore chances to get serious and focused people will be limited.